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    Profil Anggota PT. Equnix Business Solutions

    Company Name: PT. Equnix Business Solutions 

    Short Company Profile :
    PT Equnix Business Solutions is a Technology Company that is a trusted IT Solution Provider and customer oriented. Being a technology research company, Equnix puts forward the motto of the Open Source and Open Mind Company. With the main focus to provide total solutions to Enterprise class companies, Equnix brings Open Source as an alternative solution with the ability of qualified experts. Equnix's real clear solutions are system reliability, high availability, and comprehensive scalability.

    Address :
    Plaza Semanggi Lantai 9 No 9 
    Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 50 
    Jakarta 12930 Indonesia
    Phone : +62 21 22866662
    Contact : Julyanto Sutandang

    Website: www.equnix.asia

    Product and services: IT Solutions Provider

    - PostgreSQL - Premium Maintenance Services Subscription
    - PostgreSQL - Managed Support Services
    - DEEPGREEN - Multiclustered, MPP Data Warehouse Solutions
    - Migration from Oracle Database Production System into High Performance PostgreSQL
    - Training - In House Basic PostgreSQL
    - Training - In House BasicPlus PostgreSQL
    - Training - In House Advanced PostgreSQL
    - Professional Certification

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