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    Post-epidemic encounters "new infrastructure", which will give birth to future smart cities 24 Sep 2020

    Today's theme is "Post-epidemic encounters "new infrastructure" to give birth to smart cities in the future." In 2020, the world is impacted by the epidemic, and urban development is facing new challenges. This online seminar will bring about the current development of smart cities in Indonesia and the impact of the epidemic. Under the market development, as well as the experience sharing of how mainland China uses technology to manage cities and get out of the haze of the epidemic, I am very honored to invite 4 heavyweight lecturers:

    ◼Indonesian Computer Association (APTIKNAS) Jakarta District Chairman Fanky Christian

    ◼Andi Tanudiredja, CEO of MASTERDATA, Indonesia's largest telecom product distributor

    ◼Lu Mengxi, General Manager, Cultural Tourism Promotion and Exchange Center, Meituan Dianping, Mainland China

    ◼ Yan Fei, Vice President of Megvii Technology, Mainland China

    ⏰03:00 – 05:00 in the afternoon waiting for you to meet online together! join at this link

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