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    Webinar on Job Opportunities in the Cybersecurity Industry - 20 April 2021

    APTIKNAS - AiSP together with NTUC U PME will be organising a webinar on Job Opportunities in the Cybersecurity Industry.


    In this digital era, there are opportunities abound for information security professionals to protect our systems, networks and programmes from digital attacks. Join us on 20 Apr 21 at 7pm to hear from our cybersecurity experts Gaurav KeerthiJohnny KhoSugar Chan & Melvin Yong (NTUC U PME) moderated by Soffenny Yap on how to start your journey and the skills you will need to step into this increasingly vital industry.


    On behalf of our AiSP President, Mr Johnny Kho, we would like to invite you and your members to join in the webinar too.


    Register at http://bit.ly/JobsCyberSecurity to be part of the session.


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    This event will also be shown live on AiSP & Mr Melvin Yong Facebook.

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